Day 12 NaPoWriMo


Day 11 – NaPoWriMo

There was no-one around so he sneaki-

-ly reached out for hearing this loud noise com-

-ing out from a machine making a weird

patten of mixed rhythms that shifted and

changed as he let go. But that wasnt the

only occurance tonight. “mioaw” the

cat had come over for a cuddle. At

first it will taste bitter but after a

while it’ll turn sweet “miaow” the kitty

seemed to question him; ‘but sweet milk turns sour

if you leave it a while.’ Oh cat I’m just

trying to enjoy my trip. He watched the

colours spiral until he had the feel-

-ing of wearing too tight pants. In a creep-

-y way he liked it. And why should he not?

He had the house to himself (aside from

the cat) and he was feeling so much at

once. Just because the feelings aren’t all hap-

-py and positive doesn’t make them an-

-y less valid. Suddenly everything

collapsed and the schizophrenia o-

-verpowered him. The End. Mikko and I


Day 10 – NaPoWriMo

Happy Birthday

my missed friend

you were the one

who woke my other sides

we both struggle 

are we both happy?

we forgot that being happy was what it was all about

when I cried my younger years away

and we hid our hungers

and we broke bones, pulled muscles,

were stretched until almost breaking

such strong love for a thing

builds such love in us

you’re always my friend (“mate”)



Day 6 NaPoWriMo

Ivory that’s pressing a new sound

to the streams of technicolour.

A strum or three to hit the night

by the soft changing glow

inherent and present now,

later and in solitude.


There’s she with presence too

and I was testing acoustics with her.

We both know and share.

Years have no relevance here,

we connect with chains and humility

and it binds us to them.


We talk just enough and not much

But never too much.

There are so many flavours of love

Most of them spicy, nutty, sweet and acidic

And are always garnished best with a hat.